About Ashira Lavine
After facing a traumatic injury as a Special Agent for the US Government, Ashira now teaches the practices that helped her heal and thrive. She is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga teacher and meditation instructor with a long-standing interest in how the mind and body work together. As a facial coder, body language expert, and interviewer, Ashira now uses her skills in reading people to support them in living optimally.
Following her own successful healing journey, Ashira was certified by Peggy Huddleston and now offers her own signature Prepare for Surgery, Heal FasterTM programs. Ashira coaches, leads international group retreats and teaches mind-body techniques to corporate and private clients.  Ashira volunteers with youth and disadvantaged populations. She loves holistic cooking and helping at her family farm in West Virginia. She has a Master’s Degree in Criminology from the University of Maryland and worked in the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit at Quantico. She is a highly regarded expert in behavioral analysis and acts as a consultant for private and government entities. She offers a combination of insight, guidance, support, and kindness that encourages people of any age or health condition to be their best selves.   

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